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There is an ancient spiritual wisdom teaching how to look directly into the eyes of your emotions, so as to experience them in all their intensity through your body and to transform them into powerful tools of liberation and inner awakening. This is the blazing path of « fire washing with fire, » which teaches us to recognize the sacred essence of our body and of every experience we live.


As in the past Martino Nicoletti – teacher of body awareness and experimental dance – delivers in Brittany a workshop of Butoh dance: the Japanese form of dance-meditation. The workshop will enable you to experience a real immersion in the deep fibers of your body, in order to free it from their atavistic blockages, thanks to the power of movement, rhythms and music: a wonderful « journey » through memories engraved in your flesh, so as to allow you to transmute your limiting emotions into highly living energies and into initiatory “doors” enhancing your inner evolution.


For any information, contact Martino by mail:


This workshop is open to everyone and does not require any particular physical or psychological preparation.

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