The Dynamic Body Awareness method

Dynamic Body Awareness is a psychophysical method created by Martino Nicoletti based on his long experience as an anthropologist specialist of Himalayan cultures and spiritual traditions, as well as work in the field of performing arts, artistic performance and multimedia arts– especially Japan’s Butoh dance.

The generative principle of the Dynamic Body Awareness approach is simple: our physical body is the sole, last part of us, as “modern humans”, still spontaneously tuned to the rhythms and deep energies of life: our breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, voice, which are the body’s direct and material expression.

Combining fluid postural exercises, breathing, mental visualization, guided relaxation and meditation together with sound, music and voice, Dynamic Body Awareness works above all on our vital energy, which we perceive as something concrete, to hoard, channel and use as a powerful source of dynamism, healing and profound creativity.

An itinerary of self-knowledge and development, founded on pure “inner feeling”.

With no alteration to the very core of this approach, Dynamic Body Awareness is currently applied in a number of different fields:

  • The guidance of young and old in personal issues (resulting from various types of trauma, emotional distress, states of anxiety), as well as of persons affected by fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain;
  • The assistance of adolescents with their specific existential problems;
  • Dance-therapy with specific relation to contemporary Butoh dance (Butoh-therapy);
  • Meditation in mindful movement;
  • Preparatory psychophysical work for actors and dancers;

In all these areas, practice is developed in individual sessions, residential personal coaching, group workshops, as well as in retreats in the Himalayas and the Mediterranean.

Dynamic Body Awareness is a copyright by Martino Nicoletti, 2013