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Meditation in mindful movement

Meditation is increasingly popular in every corner of the world. Nonetheless, for many people, the greatest difficulty in approaching this wonderful path of self-knowledge is its essentially static nature (difficulty in finding the right posture, staying motionless for a long time, combining posture-breathing-visualization, etc.).

In such cases, being static, instead of facilitating inner calm and freedom from thoughts, allowing the practitioner to draw on and enjoy the authentic experience of meditation, often “sidetracks” him/her into a state of nervousness, restlessness and mental crowding.

Directly inspired by the teachings of the mystical writer and traveller of Occitan origin, Jean Absat – who lived in Persia, Armenia, Syria and Anatolia in the seventeenth century – , the practice of “meditation in mindful movement”, on the contrary, facilitates a smooth integration of meditation, movement and body awareness.

By drawing directly on the power of conscious movement and on the liberating power of the emotions, this original approach to meditation facilitates in a simple and natural way the discovery of a state of real peace and tranquillity: an authentic immersion into the inner universe achieved by our physical body provides simple yet effective tools at all times of life to manage situations of stress, fear and insecurity.


Yes, totally empty, transparent and free, dance! (…) You are the mirror of the Absolute but you do not know that. You are his own eye, but you do not know. You, his own body, his arm and his hand, in total freedom shape the innumerable forms and infinite worlds. (…) Now you can understand: every breath of yours is already praying. Every look of yours is already praying. Every step and every gesture is already praying: a seashell laid on the sand and resonating with the voice of the All. Water that pours into water. A Source that returns to its Source.

 Jean Absat, Body and Prayer: Nobility of a Blade of Grass