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“Sometimes people tell me, “Our times are so terrible, so crazy, so hard… How can you successfully steer yourself and practice in this difficult age?”

I usually answer, “Bless the Kali Yuga! Bless it with you all! Every moment is practice! Every step is practice! Every experience is practice! Every encounter is practice! Every breath is practice! Everything throbs with the power of a thousand suns and shines with the light of millions of pure diamonds! Everything is unveiled! Everything is revealed! Everything is transparent! No time has been so propitious! It is enough to remain aware, for the fruits of practice to appear spontaneously.

Do not hold anything in your hands! Do not hold onto anything in your mind! Do not hold onto anything in your heart! Naked, just let the breeze blow! Naked, just dance like a blade of grass moved by this luminous wind!”

Martino Nicoletti


Sur MAGJOURNAL77 un entretien avec Martino Nicoletti sur la fibromyalgie, la méditation avec le corps et la conscience corporelle

Sur MAGJOURNAL77 un beau reportage pour présenter la méthode de Martino Nicoletti et la conférence publique à l’Espace GAÏA de Dammartin-en-Goële le 24 janvier 2019 [...]

« LIBERER LE CORPS DE LA DOULEUR », DYNAMIC BODY AWARENESS AND FIBROMYALGIA : in the French magazine Inexploré a long interview with Martino Nicoletti on his experience and his method applied to this disease

« Une évidence : seules les personnes touchées par la fibromyalgie savent ce qu’est et comment fonctionne cette maladie. Elles seules connaissent ce que signifie vivre dans un [...]


From 26th to 28th April 2019, Khenpo Gelek Jinpa, abbot of the Centre Shenten Dargye Ling in France, will teach the second chapter of the [...]

A new article by Martino Nicoletti on Inexploré : « Le silence : porte vers l’infini »

« Je regarde autour. Je me trouve plongé dans un tableau qui semble celui d’un autre temps : des moines debout devant un tabernacle cherchant dans [...]

“… Water really keeps many memories, Nina. Fluid, elusive memories. Memories that become voices for those who is able to become like the ocean”.

From: Anime di sabbia (Souls of Sand)



…Distant worlds, evoked only through the instruments of disappearance and absence. Universes in suspension, interpreted through a powerful visual primitivism.

To be reconnected to our body so as to immerse ourselves in the infinite Source of our true earthly existence.